They are frequently called the “Games-makers” and no Olympic event can take place without the thousands of Volunteers who are assigned to numerous tasks and activities with the teams, the public, the media and the competition sites. The volunteer registration platform for Lausanne 2020 is now open!

Would you like to be part of the unique Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020 experience and get behind the scenes of the second-largest winter multi-sport event in the world after the Olympic Games? If so, then join the adventure as a Volunteer! 

What we are looking for

We are looking for dynamic, independent and motivated people to volunteer to make Lausanne 2020 a success! Volunteers need to be available for the duration of the Games from 9 to 22 January 2020, as well as volunteer preparation from September 2019, and for a few days after the Games in January.  

We require that Volunteers for Lausanne 2020:

  • are at least 16 years old on the 1st of January 2020 for persons domiciled in Switzerland and France, and at least 18 years old on the 1st of January 2020 for people domiciled outside these two countries.
  • commit if possible for the whole Games or at least for a minimum of 6 days (which do not need to be consecutive).
  • show a bright smile and a positive mind, to rock in all their missions.


What we offer

Lausanne 2020 offers you the unique opportunity to experience the Youth Olympic Games from the inside and contribute to the success of a sustainable event that promotes sport and engages young people at all stages of the event. 

As a Volunteer for Lausanne 2020, you will be in contact with top young athletes from around the world and your role will be vital in ensuring that the experience of teams, spectators, officials and other participants live up to their expectations.  

For the duration of your commitment as a Volunteer we will provide you with winter clothing that distinguishes you easily as a Volunteer for Lausanne 2020, as well as meals whilst you are on duty as a Volunteer.

Do you want to be part of this exciting and unique Olympic adventure and be a Volunteer?

Then register now!

FAQ Volunteers

Lausanne 2020 does not provide visas for volunteers. All volunteers that will need a visa in order to come to Switzerland or France will have to obtain these by themselves. However, a support letter from Lausanne 2020 will be provided once the volunteer is accepted. Finally, the accreditation does not constitute as a visa.

Lausanne 2020 does not take into account any travel costs.

Transports for volunteers will be facilitated during the Games. The entire tariff community of the canton of Vaud will be free of charge for all volunteers during the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020. The accreditation will be the unique way to have free access to this transport. A volunteer without their accreditation will be required to pay for a transport ticket.

Lausanne 2020 does not provide any solution regarding accommodations for the volunteers. The accommodation costs are the responsibility of the volunteers.

During the Youth Olympic Games, from the 9th until the 22nd of January 2020, all the volunteers will receive a free meal (either lunch or dinner) during the breaks in the working time. Also, coffee, tea and snacks will be available during the working shift hours at the Volunteers break areas for free.

In general, we request the volunteer to work during the whole Games or for at least 6 days (consecutive or not), with shifts of eight hours and one-hour break. The volunteer should be 16 years old if he/she lives in Switzerland or in France. For volunteers who live outside Switzerland or France, the minimum age is 18 years. There is no upper age limit to volunteer at Lausanne 2020.

Lausanne 2020 will provide basic Lausanne 2020 branded clothing, free access to public transport throughout the Canton Vaud, a meal and snack during breaks and an amazing experience to be part of this unique adventure.

No, the registration platform will not confirm the participation of the volunteers. Lausanne 2020 will have to select the volunteers and will in some cases proceed to some interviews. Once this is completed, the volunteers will receive a final answer.

No, you do not need to speak French or German to be a volunteer. However, Lausanne 2020 asks that the volunteer be fluent in at least one of these three languages: French, German or English.

As their title suggests, volunteers will not be paid. However, their public transport tickets, meals during the engagement time and clothing will be provided free of charge.

There are no possibilities to register groups of volunteers; all registrations must be made by individuals. If a volunteer would like to be on the same venue as another volunteer, Lausanne 2020 cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

Yes, once volunteers have received their confirmation of participation, information will follow regarding their training. Normally, the training will consist of a mix between face-to-face training and e-learning. General training will be given as well as more specific training regarding different functions and competition venues. The specific training will take place just before the Games.

Once the volunteers have received their confirmation of participation, information will follow regarding the accreditations and uniform distribution.