The Lausanne 2020 medal

Designers and artists from around the world were invited to participate in the competition to design the medal that the three top athletes in each category will wear around their neck in January 2020. The winning Entry of the IOC Medal Design Competition for the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games has been chosen. It was submitted by 20-year-old Zakea Page from New Zealand and is entitled “Beauty In Diversity”.

Each edition of the Games has its own medal. The one the athletes dream of wearing around their neck or “biting into” on the podium. The long-awaited reward. For the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games, the IOC held an International Competition, calling on designers and artists from around the world to propose a medal design.

Zakea Page’s creation was chosen from among close to 300 entries from 60 nations. The winning design was picked by a panel of judges made up of Young Change-Makers, Young Reporters, IOC Member Danka Bartekova, Lausanne 2020 President Virginie Faivre and ERACOM (Lausanne art school) Dean Viviane Morey.

The Medal Design Competition winner said of his design: “It is inspired by Maya Angelou’s quote, “In diversity there is beauty”. This is fitting because the Youth Olympic Games are not only a celebration of human excellence, but also of culture and humanity. The spiral represents a culture of respect, friendship and excellence as young athletes gather at the Youth Olympic Games to celebrate their success. The spiral also celebrates the journey of hard work and dedication made by each individual athlete. These journeys are specific to each athlete, but they all lead to the Youth Olympic Games, where the athletes will compete and showcase their abilities.”

The judges also selected two runner-up designs. In second place was 28-years-old Johan Poizat from France, with his design “The Star of the Alps is You”. In third position was 30-years-old Mishael Jacob Pueblas from the Philippines, with a design called “Wings of a Champion”.

The winning design will appear on the gold, silver and bronze medals that will be presented to the athletes in Lausanne between January 9 and 22, 2020. The other side of the medal will be designed by the Lausanne 2020 Organising Committee.