« Start Now » : the official song of Lausanne 2020

One month before the opening of the Games,, Lausanne 2020 unveiled their official song. As the outcome of a competition launched in collaboration with the Haute Ecole de Musique Vaud Valais Fribourg (HEMU), the song entitled "Start now" is one of the emblems of the Games and the expression of the values ​​of Lausanne 2020. Four young singers from the country's four linguistic regions lend their voices to the song around an English chorus.

The music of composer Gaspard Colin had been kept secret for many weeks when the official song of Lausanne 2020 was finally unveiled at the start of December. A contest had been launched one year before to create the official song of the Games. Students and alumni from HEMU were invited to compose the song that would accompany the best young athletes in the world and their audiences during the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games. It was Gaspard Colin, former student of the jazz department of the HEMU, who won over the jury made up of members of the Organizing Committee including Virginie Faivre, representatives of the IOC and HEMU, a representative of the Lausanne 2020 Youth Council and a young volunteer.

As a true celebration of Switzerland and youth, "Start now" harmoniously mixes Alpine horns and modern music. The lyrics are sung in the four Swiss national languages by four artists - two men and two women - who gave their voices to "Start Now": Romaine Müller (Swiss German), Davide De Vita aka "Dave De Vita" (Italian), Joanne Gaillard (French) and the Romanche rapper Ivo Orlik aka "Giganto". They are accompanied by a trio of Alphorn players, a string quintet, François Christe on the drums, Andrew Audiger on the keyboard and Gaspard Colin on production. The chorus of the song has been kept in English in order for the athletes from more than 80 nations participating in the Games to take ownership of it. The video of "Start now" was produced and edited entirely by Oriane Dupasquier, a young student of visual communication, interning within the staff of Lausanne 2020. This is another great example of the willingness of the Organizing Committee to promote and support Swiss youth by giving them the opportunity to express themselves through the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

"Start now" is also the slogan of Lausanne 2020, a message aimed at inspiring our new generation to pursue its dreams: it is an encouragement for the youth to start today, to find confidence to follow the path for which they are destined. It is a modern interpretation of the Olympic Values ​​- excellence, friendship, respect – whose mission is to empower young people. The official song of Lausanne 2020 “Start now” will serve as a vehicle for this message to be heard by the youth of Switzerland and the youth of the world.

Gaspard Colin, composer of "Start Now": "It’s a real honor for me to have composed this song for the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games. I wanted this song to celebrate the youth and diversity of Switzerland while honoring its traditions. I hope it will delight the hearts of the public during the Games and will give courage to young athletes! "

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