Athletes get involved

The goal of Lausanne 2020 is to reveal talent, create synergies, involve thousands of young people and put together a true celebration. To reach this objective, and in order to promote the Olympic spirit throughout Switzerland and neighbouring France, Lausanne 2020 has surrounded itself with ambassadors. High-level athletes who hold and endorse its values, and who inspire the next generation of athletes.

The Youth Olympic Games are, first and foremost, formative in nature. Through sport, they aim to inspire, provide tools and develop skills, not only among the athletes who will take part in the event but also among the young public who will attend. With their experience in the world of international sport, athletes are often the best spokespersons to convey these messages to the various audiences of an event like Lausanne 2020.

The following well-known athletes are involved as volunteers alongside Lausanne 2020: organisational advice, introduction to different sports, interaction in the classroom or additional conferences mark their valuable commitment. You just might have the luck to run into them at the competitions during the Games!

Lausanne 2020 Ambassadors