Youth engagement: for young people, by them and with them

For young people, by them and with them: The Youth Olympic Games represent a splendid opportunity to reach and inspire a new generation. The Organising Committee wishes to offer young local players the opportunity to take an active role before and after the Games. With this perspective, Lausanne 2020 has provided itself with the means to involve nearly 130?000 students at every level: compulsory, further, higher and private education to work on preparing and organising this event.

YOG for young people, by them and with them: this idea is at the heart of the Lausanne 2020 project. All the lifeblood of the canton of Vaud will play a part to provide Youth Olympic Games that will go down in history: Olympic history, the history of the host city, of the canton, of the country, but also of every student involved in the project.

Olympic Cauldron, medal trays and podiums

These three highly symbolic elements of an Olympic event are the fruit of a partnership between three schools: the students of the Lausanne art school (ECAL) design the Olympic cauldron, the medal trays and the podiums. The apprentices of the EDC Construction School and of C-FOR (Lausanne Utilities Training Centre) then build the cauldron and the podiums. Although carried out in two phases, a lively cooperation between the different players was necessary to ensure the technical feasibility of the project.

The Lausanne 2020 Olympic Cauldron, the medal trays and the podiums won't be unveiled until the opening of the Games…be patient! Beginning in October, the other projects submitted will be displayed at the Olympic Museum.

Mascot, pictograms and visual identity

The Lausanne 2020 mascot was unveiled one year to the day before the opening of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games. Named Yodli, it is the creation of over 140 apprentices and students of a Lausanne-based arts school, l'Ecole romande d'arts et communication (ERACOM). The final selection among the different projects was made by 500 young athletes between the ages of 12 and 18 gathered for a Swiss Olympic training camp.

The Lausanne 2020 pictograms were presented 300 days before the opening of the Youth Olympic Games and are also the fruit of the ERACOM. In all, 36 apprentices worked together for a year to hand in their final work: comprised of 16 pictograms, each one representing different disciplines of the eight sports on the Lausanne 2020 programme.

The visual identity is the third project entrusted to the ERACOM. In Olympic jargon generally referred to as the «Look of the Games», it is the graphic representation of the identity of the Games. It will be visible everywhere in all shapes and sizes (uniforms, podiums, banners, playing surrounds, competition venues, airports, railway stations, cars, medals, etc.) Approximately 50 students were involved in the project beginning in August 2017. The visual identity of Lausanne 2020 will not be unveiled until a few months before the opening of the Games.

Official song and ceremony music

Lausanne 2020 along with the Lausanne's University of Music, Haute école de musique de Lausanne (HEMU), organised a contest to compose the official song of the Games. Students and alumni of the HEMU were invited to create the music that will accompany the world's best young athletes during this unique event. It is finally Gaspard Colin's song that seduced the jury with its dynamic and Swiss elements. Including the horn of the Alps and three native languages, the song perfectly represents the host country. Also, the jury appreciated the rhythm highlighting the collective energy of sports. It will be presented to the public at the end of the year, and will resonate throughout the YOG.

As for the music of the medal ceremonies, it will also be composed by HEMU students as part of their course work.

Educational programme for the athletes

Lausanne 2020 works closely with the ICO, the international federations, the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Lausanne Federal Polytechnique School (EPFL) and the Lausanne University Hospital, Centre hospitalier universitaire du canton de Vaud (CHUV), in order to prepare an educational programme for the athletes in 2020. The rich programme will allow the 1880 athletes from over 70 countries to learn more about numerous fields: training guidance based on performance tests, prevention of abuse and concussion in sports, encounters with champions, media management, and many more activities will be offered.


Concepts linked to hospitality

Approximately twenty students of the Lausanne School of Hospitality (EHL) studied different themes of Lausanne 2020 in order to provide innovative solutions: catering, life in the Youth Olympic Village or management of the volunteers everything was gone over with a fine-tooth comb! The Organising Committee was then able to build on the students' concepts for implementation.

Radio programmes and more!

The different schools in the compulsory education system of the canton of Vaud (Dgeo) and in private education are in close partnership with the Youth Olympic Games through many educational projects. Developing teaching files on the subjects of the Olympic Games, of sports professions and Olympic values, linguistic exchanges or introductions to different sports and encounters with Olympic athletes from the area are all projects that have been implemented since the beginning of 2017.

Among the activities proposed on a cantonal scale, the students in the Vaud canton compulsory education system produce and broadcast radio programmes on Lausanne 2020 as part of the RadioBus project. During the Games, the students aim to cover the event 7 days a week, with on-site reporters at the different competition venues.

Information for the teachers

Do you wish to talk to your students about the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne of 2020? You can find the link with all the useful information and documents below.

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