The “classe d’accueil” of the Lavaux Center has created an audio guide for Lausanne 2020

Schools and institutions are very involved in the development of the Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne 2020. It is one of Lausanne 2020's main values to involve young people in the organization of the Games in order to create an environment for, by and with the youth.

Among these young people, the schoolchildren in the “classe d’accueil” at the primary and secondary school of the Lavaux Center in their turn, made their bits to the initiative. They have in fact, created an audio guide for Lausanne 2020 that includes a route in the city of Lausanne. This guide allows athletes and tourists to discover different points of interest related to sport in the Olympic Capital.

It is with the support of Jannick Schallenberger, executive assistant of the tourist office of the city, that these children created the audio guide that includes their mother tongues, which are for example Macedonian, Portuguese, Italian, Persian as well as French, their language of schooling.

The audio guide is available on the izitravel application for a completely autonomous use and can also be downloaded for offline use. Tourists and athletes will only need a smartphone and will be able to follow the route offered thanks to GPS. Happy discovery!

Scan the QR code to access directly to the website.