Sports as a means of integration

The Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games have given birth to multiple projects in Switzerland and neighboring France. The program « Sports and young migrants » is an example: building on the YOG dynamics, it offers young migrants, minors for the most part, an opportunity to try several winter sports. In February, three youth involved in this program discovered curling in Lausanne, a sport that will be represented at Lausanne 2020. They were able to meet the Olympic medalist and Lausanne 2020 Ambassador, Peter de Cruz, as shown in the above photo. A larger group went to the Valley of Joux in March to do cross-country skiing, once again a sport present at the Games. After the success of these two pilot events, a program with more choices is in the process of being developed.

« Access to an athletic activity, contributing to the physical and psycho-social well-being of all youth, is essential in our society which is becoming more and more sedentary. The challenge is even more blatant for the population of young migrants. With this program, we hope to facilitate access to and encourage the practice of sports, in the largest sense possible", concludes Philippe Furrer, one of the initiators of this wonderful project.