«Searching for the flame»

Some 800 students, from 34 classes of the Epalinges School, just North of Lausanne, were involved in a school play on the theme of Olympism, 10 months before the start of Lausanne 2020. Students from 1P to 7P performed in the six sold out shows.

Here’s the scenario of the play…

During the opening ceremony of the Epalinges Youth Olympic Games, the emcee discovers to his horror that the Olympic flame has disappeared. Three spectators decide to try and solve the mystery so that the Epalinges YOG can take place. In order to do this, they must gather, during sport events, sparks representing Olympic values. Once they are brought together, the flame is relit and the YOG can begin.

Between the different scenes, the 1 to 6P classes (ages 4 to 10) performed choreographies representing sport events. They were accompanied by a chorus of 7P students (50 students) as well as an orchestra.

Props (Olympic flame), projections, posters and a logo were created by secondary students. Backstage, in the nursery, at the bar, secondary students allowed the show to go on without a hitch.

Bénédicte Roller, the teacher in charge of the project, explained that «the students of the whole school had to reflect on the symbolism of Olympic values. This project, that represents a year and a half of work, brought us a great deal of enthusiasm and solidarity, particularly between the primary and secondary departments.»