Meeting between an Olympian and students

The Olympian Anne-Sophie Thilo, European Vice-Champion and member of the Lausanne 2020 Athletes’ Council, participated in a ski day with a class from Vevey. About fifteen 9 to 10-year-old children, two of them with disabilities, were able to take advantage of this elite athlete’s advice. 

The programme included downhill skiing, a slalom competition (with thunderous applause and a medal ceremony on top of everything!) then a precious moment of exchange between the students and the Olympian during which they spoke of the Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games and sports in general. 

The day was organised by the Special Education and Training Assistance Service (SESAF) and the Cantonal School for Hearing Impaired Children (ECES)*, and the two students with disabilities were able to use dualskis, that is chairs on skis, provided by Difference Solidarity and led by two guides.

«Since I have a blind brother, I know how much sport is a fantastic tool for personal development, to gain confidence and create memories with others, all the more so for individuals with disabilities. As a member of the Lausanne 2020 Athletes’ Council and former athlete from this area, to give back to the sport and to young people is truly my mission», Anne-Sophie Thilo explains. 

A precious moment of exchange that will remain etched in everyone’s memory. « That’s what the strength of sport is», the athlete concludes. 

*The ECES offers different types of services to promote inclusion of students with disabilities within a regular school. Teachers specialised in adapted physical education are available to schools to meet the specific needs in the field of sport activities. In the case of ski camps and outings, the ECES finds the professionals needed to supervise winter sports.