Linguistic Exchanges supported by the Fondation Economics, Sport and Youth (ESJ)

In 2016 ERL, Economic Region Lausanne, created the Fondation ESJ in order to raise funds from local businesses in Canton Vaud and to give financial support to projects relating to young people and sports, which will be used during the period of the YOG (Youth Olympic Games) Lausanne 2020.

It is in this context that a project promoting linguistic exchanges was put forward. School children from Vaud were put in contact with school children from the German Swiss Cantons and the Ticino and sporting and cultural events have been organised in and around Lausanne for the period of the YOG Lausanne 2020. Accompanied by their teachers, and supported by their Heads, about a dozen classes are involved in this project and they will enjoy generous financial support as the Foundation has offered to pay up to Frs. 10,000 for these exchanges. This help is most timely given that schools are non-fee paying and that the money will cover the cost of the journeys pupils will be making to visit their pen friends. All those involved in promoting and organising this project are extremely grateful to the Foundation for its trust and support.