Lausanne 2020's linguistic exchanges

Canton of Vaud's obligatory education has a multitude of projects in common with Lausanne 2020: athletic initiations, discovering athletic federations or the YOG radio, just to mention a few examples. Another project is linguistic exchanges: offering the possibility, during the Games, for students from one area to discover a different Swiss region or even neighboring France. What is the idea? It's not only about allowing students to progress in a foreign language and to discover other cultural realities, but it's also about interacting with correspondents in the authentic context of a large athletic event. Not to forget developing knowledge or performances linked to sports and to Olympism.

Several classes have already shown their interest, in Lausanne and elsewhere, and will accommodate students from Zurich, Grison, Thurgovie or Tessin during the YOG. After the games, these student hosts will discover their correspondent's region, building an enrichening reciprocity

Discover the project through media: video