Highlights of the Olympic Week

The 39th Olympic Week was held from Sunday 13 October to Thursday 17 October and organized by the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, with this year's theme as Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games. Many activities for various winter and summer sports were offered at the event which were held by the lake and in the Olympic Museum itself, for the 100 or so children who attended the event daily. 

Bobsleigh, Ice Hockey, Curling, Basketball, Tennis and many other winter and summer sports were presented at the Olympic Week, and every day famous athletes were present to demonstrate their respective sport to the children. 
At the opening of the 39th Olympic Week on Sunday 13 October, Virginie Faivre (Freestyle Champion and President of Lausanne 2020) and Emmeline Ndongue (Basketball Champion and Project Manager of Education in Paris 2024) lit the Olympic cauldron to mark the final stage of the Torch Tour around the canton de Vaud. The Flame was at the Olympic Museum for the whole week before it set off on its journey through the 26 cantons of Switzerland. The Flame will return to Lausanne at the end of December.

Pamela Fischer, Synchronized Swimming Olympian and member of the Lausanne 2020 Athlete Council, was also present to engage with the audience in her sport. On the following day, Killian Peier (Swiss Ski Jumper) and Ellen Sprunger (Swiss Olympian Track and Field athlete) shared their sport achievements and memories with the children attending the event as well as Ice Hockey star Cristobal Huet and rowing Champion Jeremy Maillefer – all in front of the admiring eyes and awe of the children. Gaspard Colin (composer of the official Lausanne 2020 song), Tiffany Géroudet (Swiss Olympian Fencer) and Stefanie Marty (Swiss Olympian Ice Hockey) closed this special Olympic Week wearing the colours of the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games.

Interview with producer and musician Gaspard Colin

One of the highlights of the Olympic Week was the presence of Gaspard Colin, director and producer of the official song for Lausanne 2020, who won the competition organized by the institutional partner of Lausanne 2020, HEMU (Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne). Gaspard was interviewed at the Olympic Museum and asked:How was the competition organized?

Gaspard Colin (GC): "It all started in December [2018] and we had until January 2019 - so two full months - to prepare our music model and proposal. We had to present it at the end of January, a selection was made from twenty different contesters, and from the selection three finalists were chosen including us. We were coached by the composer Julien Pénaud for two to three weeks and guided us in completing our final piece. Then after another selection process the winners of the contest was announced.

How is a piece of music created and what were the steps to compose the final piece?

GC:"It was a very long and very technical process as we had to achieve the right harmonies with the right instruments to create a computer model which are the base of the creation. Once the model was complete, professional teams of musicians and singers were called in. The basic model was entirely in English which was very important to me because it brought an international dimension to the piece and we’re very aware of what the finished piece should be even if at the time we didn’t have all the languages. The most complicated part was the continuation of the design process once the model was accepted as we had to create a team which comprised a singer for French, a singer for German, a singer for Romansh, a singer for Italian and a quartet of Alphorn players who were willing to participate in a piece of music like this. I asked friends to re-record all the drums and keyboard music, so we could achieve real organic sounds rather than have just pure computer sounds. In all, the creation took three to four months. Each group had to be recorded separately in a studio and once each group was established, we did what we call a post-production with a producer which we held at the Kitchen Studio in Geneva, where we put all the parts of the puzzle together and created the piece as one. From start to finish, it took seven months of work to create a piece of music which lasts for three minutes with the involvement of 25 people. "

The song will be released a few weeks before the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

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