EHL students to be involved in the success of the Games

For several months, Lausanne 2020 has been working hand in hand with the renowned Lausanne School of Hospitality (EHL) on concepts related to hospitality. Approximately twenty students have already studied different themes of Lausanne 2020 in order to provide innovative solutions: catering, life in the Youth Olympic Village or management of the volunteers, everything was gone over with a fine-tooth comb! The Organising Committee was then able to build on the students' concepts for implementation.

Recently, there are six new students, who have worked, for almost three months, on the hotel operations of the Vortex, the residential zone of the Youth Olympic Village, located on the campus of University of Lausanne. It was such a successful endeavour that it earned them the Deanship Award!

Lausanne 2020 is delighted to be able to benefit from the immense expertise of this institution, whose projects align marvellously with the Games philosophy: with young people, for young people and by young people.