Apprentices interact with Lausanne 2020

OrTra Santé-Social Vaud is an educational establishment that provides training for apprentices in the field of social healthcare. Trained professionals in the field of social healthcare provide daily support to children, elderly people, and people with disabilities, notably in terms of their leisure pursuits. The establishment has collaborated with the Youth Olympics since 2016, with 950 apprentices being actively involved in two projects undertaken by the school.

One project, comprising 12 classes, consists of attending Lausanne 2020 with a number of people benefiting from the care services. The project will involve evaluating in advance the key considerations when undertaking a visit of this type, as well as carrying out a debrief on how it went. A second project will see classes studying the Olympic values and comparing them with the key social healthcare objectives. The project will also look to see how the Youth Olympics can be used as a theme for creating activities within the different establishments that they work with e.g. creating a mini-Olympics in creches, crafts and handiwork workshops using country flag designs etc.

Lausanne 2020 is a keen supporter of youth engagement and looks forward to welcoming the project groups in January 2020.