A « Hebd'Olympique » about Lausanne 2020

Raphaël Jotterand (aged 18) and Loris Mann (aged 19) chose Lausanne 2020 as the subject of their school thesis. During several months, notebook in hand, the two students from Morges were gathering information, meeting with local actors and athletes as well as writing diverse articles, reports, interviews, briefs. The result of this startling opus is “Hebd’Olympique”, that takes you behind the scene of one of the biggest winter multisport events in the world, second only to the Olympic Games.

You have printed the last of the 70 some pages of this fantastic magazine about Lausanne 2020. What gave birth to this project?

Raphaël Jotterand (RJ) : Without hesitation, our passion of sports. For our thesis, we wanted to look into a current athletic event that allowed us to leave the library. We had attentively followed the Lausanne 2020 project from the start, during the application procedure, and we naturally decided a year ago to choose this subject.

Loris Mann (LM) : Our choice was confirmed by the fact that, as the Lausanne 2020 team often says, these Games are organized for, by and with youth. We asked ourselves what we could do. That’s how it all got started.

RJ : We talk about that in our editorial: “If there is only one sentence to remember from this magazine, it is that the Games are prepared “for, by and with youth”. These YOG are proof not only that the athletic succession is assured, but also that “today’s youth” are capable of carrying out such a project.”

You have managed this project from A to Z, from the choice of subjects to the composition of texts, including the selection of pictures, layout, graphics … all the way to printing. Which aspect was the most rewarding?

LM : The highlight for us was the interviews. We were fortunate to meet such notable figures as athletes Loïc and Mélanie Meillard or State politician Philippe Leuba, who generously offered their time and allowed us to jump into the heart of the subject matter.

RJ : During these different meetings and interviews, we could feel just how strong the interest created by Lausanne 2020 is. This event is a uniting force and we are proud to be part of it. If Sion 2026 had passed, we would have had to do a special issue (laughter).

With this project, you have done many different jobs: what were the difficulties that you encountered?

RJ and LM : We had to learn how to use design programs … it wasn’t enough to chose the subjects and write the articles; there was the layout that needed to be done, and that was not easy. We didn’t want to only have good subject matter, we also wanted to valorize it, making things esthetically appealing. That means choosing the best pictures and managing the relative rights.

Are we going to see you in January 2020?

RJ : Of course! I’m going to watch Alpine skiing but also the lesser-known athletic events like the biathlon … that’s the beauty of the Games! And it’s thanks to this type of event that future athletic stars will be born …

LM : The fact that the competitions will be taking place in resorts that we know gives it a particular dimension. I often ski in Leysin and I’m looking foward to see the best athletes on “my” slopes! Only sports can unite in this manner and procure such sensations. Can’t wait for 2020 !