The Lausanne 2020 Torch reaches Swiss Soil (19.11–23.11)

On September 17th, the Lausanne 2020 Olympic flame was lit during a traditional ignition ceremony in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The flame returned to Switzerland, where it embarked on a tour stopping in each of the 26 cantons of the country before returning to Lausanne for a tradition torch relay in the Olympic Capital, in the lead up to the Opening Ceremony of the Games on January 9th, 2020.

The Torch has continued its journey, passing through the Ticino and now travelling in the direction of central Switzerland.

For the first time, the Torch went to Locarno in Canton Ticino, where three athletes welcomed it: the Olympians Deborah Scanzio (Freestyle Skiing, OG Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010, Sotchi 2014 et PyeongChang 2018), Phoebe Staenz (Ice Hockey, Sotchi 2014 et PyeongChang 2018) et Nicole Vallario (Ice Hockey, YOG Lillehammer 2016).

It then returned to a Swiss German location, Andermatt. The Olympian Jonas Hunziker (Freestyle Skiing, OG PyeongChang 2018) carried the Lausanne 2020 Torch and lit it in front of numerous school pupils who had come to witness this unique moment.

Four athletes represented Lausanne 2020 at Stans, on 22nd November, when the Olympic Torch stopped there. Béatrice Zimmermann, Telemark Skiing World Champion; Nina Christen, the Olympian shooter; Petra Lustenberger, another professional shooter; and Jessica Keiser, Snowboard (slalom) champion, addressed the pupils who were present on the subject of sporting values.

At Sarnen, it was the turn of the athletes Simon Niepmann (rowing, Olympic champion OG Rio 2016, OG Londres 2012), Viktor Röthlin (marathon, OG 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012), Flavia Barmettler (biathlon) and Kai Schätzle (rowing,YOG Buenos Aires 2018) to light the Olympic Torch. A large gathering witnessed this exceptional event!

The Journey of the Flame will continue on the 25th of November in Aarau (Sporthalle Schachen, 9:30-11:30), the 26th of November in Schaffhouse (Schullhause Breite, 10:00-11:30), the 28th of November in Erlen (Swiss Unihockey Schule, 10:00-12:00), the 29th of November in St.-Gall (Gallus Platz, 9:30-11:30) and the 30th of November in Appenzell (Brauereiplatz, 12:00-14:00).

You can find further information about the Torch Tour and its stops here