The Lausanne 2020 Olympic Flame takes the stage in Zurich!

On Thursday, the Lausanne 2020 Olympic flame made its first appearance in German-speaking Switzerland, at Zurich railway station. A show was held in the main hall in the presence of Swiss athletes Sarah Meier and Dominique Gisin, as well as representatives from Lausanne 2020, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

The many passengers transiting by Zurich railway station had the chance to enjoy the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour show. Its aim is to spread the Olympic spirit throughout the country in preparation for the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, which will take place from 9 to 22 January. The flame was escorted by 2011 European figure skating champion, Sarah Meier, and Dominique Gisin, who won the gold medal in downhill alpine skiing at the 2014 Sochi Games. Together, they lit a symbolic cauldron.

Together, Sarah Meier and Dominique Gisin light the cauldron placed in the main hall of Zurich railway station. © Keystone/ATS

Dominique Gisin: "Lausanne 2020 is an amazing opportunity to develop our young athletes and to inspire the next generation to get involved with sport. It is such a great joy to have the opportunity to experience the Olympic atmosphere in Switzerland at last."

Sarah Meier: "Figure skating has been so well received in the past here in Lausanne. The brand new Skating Arena promises to be a magical venue for the Lausanne 2020 figure skating competitions in January. We hope to see you there!"

After the show, a press conference was held in the presence of the two athletes, Ian Logan, CEO of Lausanne 2020, René Fasel, President of the International Ice Hockey Federation, and Daria Martinoni, SBB East Region Manager.

Ian Logan, CEO of Lausanne 2020: "(…) During the Games, the skeleton, luge, bobsleigh and speed skating competitions will all take place very close to here, in St. Moritz. For the first time in more than 70 years, St. Moritz's legendary Olympia Bob Run and natural ice rink on the frozen lake will host Olympic competitions. (…)"

René Fasel, President of the International Ice Hockey Federation: "(…) the YOG allows players coming from outside the top ice hockey nations to take part in the Olympic experience, first through the Skills Challenge in Innsbruck 2012 and Lillehammer 2016 and now with the new 3-on-3 tournaments. (…)"

Daria Martinoni, SBB East Region Manager: "(…) We are firmly committed to the «environmental responsibility» principle enshrined in the Swiss Olympic Charter. Our ambition is for the Youth Olympic Games to go down in history here in Switzerland as the Winter Games of Public Transport."

To read more about this, see the full press release here.

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