The Lausanne 2020 Olympic flame at the heart of the National Council

The 2nd of December 2019, during her inauguration speech as President of the National Council, Isabelle Moret from Vaud presented the Youth Olympic Games and their commitment to the country's youth. The Lausanne 2020 youth Olympic flame, accompanied by Virginie Faivre, President of the Organising Committee, and Ian Logan, Director General, were present for the occasion.

In keeping with the new Parliament - the youngest in the history of the confederation - it is the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) that Isabelle Moret chose to highlight as a symbol of a Switzerland that values, engages with, and invests in its youth. The new President of the National Council highlighted the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship promoted by the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020. It was also an opportunity to highlight the significance of Lausanne 2020's slogan "Start Now", which aims to encourage young people to "start" today and contribute to building a better world - in the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games.


On this occasion, the Olympic flame was presented at the heart of the National Council Chamber, on the call of the President. The flame was carried by Virginie Faivre, President of Lausanne 2020 and Caroline Ulrich (17 years old), a ski mountaineering athlete from Vaud, already four times world junior champion in the discipline. This symbol is all the more important as ski mountaineering, a popular sport in Switzerland, will make its first appearance in the Olympic programme during Lausanne 2020.

Isabelle Moret, President of the National Council, "These Youth Olympic Games reflect the theme of prevention which is close to my heart: youth education, sport, the use of local resources in a sustainable way, especially in tourism. Indeed, these Games are anchored in our region by building on existing infrastructures and have accelerated useful investments decided by local communities. Hundreds of young Swiss people, together with the organising committee, have developed these Games. Everything has been done hand in hand with our schools, colleges and universities."

Virginie Faivre, President of Lausanne 2020: "What an honour it was to have represented Lausanne 2020 and the Olympic Movement today in Bern! It is such a powerful symbol to have been able to bring our values and our commitment to youth before this new Parliament, the youngest in Swiss history. Our country is demonstrating its willingness to value youth, its new ideas, and its will to move things forward - we can only be delighted about that!”