Take part in the Olympic Flame relay in Lausanne January 8th 2020!

Do you want to experience something unique? To participate in the great Lausanne 2020 adventure from the inside by carrying, the length of a relay in the city of Lausanne this coming January 8th, the Youth Olympic Flame?

Then come to the official Lausanne 2020 shop, in Lausanne’s Flon district,on Saturday December 7th between 10 am and 12 noon, and write a 5-line description of something you have undertook and that you're proud of because it had a positive impact on your community !

The answers will then be drawn by our jury, under the supervision of a bailiff, and who knows, you might become one of the next Youth Olympic Flame relay runners!

Date : December 7th 2019

Location: Official Lausanne 2020 shop, Rue de Genève 7, 1003 Lausanne 

Time: 10 am till 12 noon

Required conditions:

  • Be available January 8th2020
  • Minimum age: over 12