Follow the journey of the Lausanne 2020 Olympic Torch (25.11-30.11)

On September 17th, the Lausanne 2020 Olympic flame was lit during a traditional ignition ceremony in the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The flame returned to Switzerland, where it embarked on a tour stopping in each of the 26 cantons of the country before returning to Lausanne for a tradition torch relay in the Olympic Capital, in the lead up to the Opening Ceremony of the Games on January 9th, 2020.

The Olympic Torch has been travelling all over Switzerland for almost month now. The Games are fast approaching, and there only 38 days left before the start of this exceptional event. In the meantime, the Torch has lit up the towns of Aarau, Schaffhousen, Erlen, St-Gallen and Appenzell with its symbolic fire.

The first port of call in the week of November 25th was Aarau, where the Torch was carried by the Olympian Rico Peter (bobsleigh, OG Sotchi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018). More than 200 school children greeted it with great enthusiasm!

The following day, the urn was lit by Marianne Gossweiler-Fankhauser, winner of two Olympic Games medals (horse riding, silver medal at the OG of Tokyo 1964 and bronze medal at the OG of Mexico 1968). The ever-faithful mascot, Yodli, was welcomed by Schaffhousen school children.

The Olympians Jean-Romain Delaloye (diving, OG Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004) and Angelica Moser (pole vaulting, YOG Nanjing 2014 and OG Rio 2016) next carried the Olympic Torch together at Erlen.

At St-Gallen, curlers were there to host the arrival of the Torch. Benoît Schwarz, bronze medallist at the OG of PyeongChang 2018, and Malin da Ros, silver medallist at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2019, came on to the stage to share their experiences as elite athletes.

On Saturday, 30th November, at Appenzell, before a spell-bound audience, the Olympic Torch in the colours of Lausanne 2020 was displayed by Martina Van Berkel (swimming, OG London 2012 and Rio 2016).

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The Journey of the Flame will continue on the 3rd December in Lucerne (Europaplatz, 14:00-16:00), on the 4th December in Zug (Arena-Platz vor der Bossard-Arena, 9:30-11:30) and on the 6th December in Schwyz (Bezirksschulen Schwyz, 9:30-11:30).

You can find further information about the Torch Tour and its stops here