Youth Engagement

The name of the event speaks for itself: the Youth Olympic Games are an event for the youth. For the Lausanne 2020 team, it is of great importance to involve the youth in the organisation of the event as much as possible. Not only do we benefit from their creative minds and their innovative ideas, but we also make sure that the project corresponds to their wishes and ambitions. With this in mind, the organising committee involves undergraduate students and apprentices from the region, as well as students from elementary schools and high schools, to help us with the preparation and the organisation of the 2020 Youth Olympic Games.

Several meetings and workshops have already been organised with teachers from the Canton de Vaud in order to create activities that truly engage the schools and youth from Vaud before, during and after the Games. Vaud’s Director General for Compulsory Education has also appointed two collaborators to work on the proposed activities linked to the Youth Olympic Games.

In a continuation of this effort to engage our youth, Lausanne 2020 also invited students from the University of Lausanne’s HEC to submit their ideas on how to make the Games the most viral youth event in 2020. As part of their New Trends in Marketing class, the students participated in three different sessions: to share knowledge with experts in sports and digital communications, to brainstorm, and to make final presentations. Twenty groups shared their ideas: exciting campaigns, catchy hashtags, virtual reality treasure hunts and integration of various forms of technology were among the ideas raised… everything has been considered to give the Youth Olympic Games a digital edge!

Other projects and initiatives with the region’s renowned academic institutions will be put in place in the coming months. The School of Art and Communications (ERACOM) will bring its contribution with graphical elements such as the pictograms and providing the Games with a strong visual identity. The Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) will help in terms of lodging, catering, health and well-being of the athletes, combined with the management of volunteers. Finally, the University will share its know-how in areas such as recruitment of personnel, sustainability and venue management.

On the same note, the organising committee will strive to propose ways of involving apprentices in the organisation of the Youth Olympic Games. The team is therefore working closely with Switzerland’s and Vaud’s professional education institutions, a system that is typically Swiss and unique in the world. The apprentices will work on many manual aspects of the project, such as the manufacturing the medals. Engaging and mobilising the youth: a key element of the success of Lausanne 2020!