Wood cabins built for athletes, by apprentices

The Tuffes site will host the ski jumping, biathlon and Nordic combined events in January 2020.

With the Games in mind, the apprentices of the Mouchard woodworking secondary school built a dozen of wood cabins where athletes will be able to wax their skis.

A partnership with the school based on three Olympic values : excellency first, as this project allowed the apprentices to develop new skills and even, for some of them, to reinvest in an expertise aquired previously. Friendship too, as the aim of this project was to develop team work, harmony and understanding between all the apprentices taking part. Finally, respect was an integral part of the project as the scheme highlighted the importance of health and safety regulations in the work place and how crucial it is for the apprentices to follow them, as well as to follow building rules (expertise) and environmental recommandations (choice of building materials, recycling.)

Innovative and federative, this project is a reference when it comes to mobilising the youth in the organisation of the YOG in the Haut-Jura and establishes a nice exemple in terms of the legacy the games will leave on the area.

On Monday 24th of September, when the cabins were delivered at the Tuffes site in Prémanon, the apprentices had the opportunity to share their experience and the technical challenges they encountered with the delegates of the local authorities from either side of the Franco-Swiss border. The Lausanne 2020 delegation was made of Philippe Leuba, state councillor of the canton of Vaud and Lausanne 2020 vice-president, Ian Logan, general director, and Olivier Delapierre, Relationships and Engagement director.