"Volunteering is about getting involved in sport, youth and being part of Olympic history"

Why did you want to participate in the Lausanne 2020 adventure as a volunteer leader?

Elisa Marclay (EM), Volunteer leader and student in sport and recreation management (UNIL) : Being involved in an adventure such as Lausanne 2020 means getting involved in sport, for young people and being part of a historic Olympic event. For me, the Youth Olympic Games are a spectacular event that you would normally watch from your couch, so having the opportunity to participate in it actively is exceptional. Moreover, it is an opportunity to showcase Lausanne as a sport event destination at the heart of the international sports scene and to show the world all its great assets! Also, the Youth Olympic Games are a springboard for young athletes and because of my status as a young adult, it was particularly important to me to do something for the next generation.

What is your mission at Lausanne 2020 and what are your objectives for the future?

EM : As a volunteer leader, I oversee the coordination of a small team of volunteers to promote Lausanne 2020 at various sporting events. The goal is that as many people as possible hear about these Games. I truly enjoy these moments as we are always a great team of dynamic young people who promote the values of sport. My role as volunteer leader allows me to gain experience in terms of team management and projects me into the world of events, a world I will enter at the beginning of the summer.

How do you plan to motivate other volunteers to participate in this great adventure?

EM : I think that the idea of being part of a Youth Olympic Games should be enough to motivate many people! More seriously, it is a great opportunity to acquire new skills both personally and professionally. It is also a great opportunity to develop your network and meet people from different cultures!

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