Trophée des villes olympiques

The Olympic City Trophy is a series of three competitions organized by the clubs of Grenoble (1968 OG), Albertville (1992 OG) and Lausanne-Malley Skaters (Olympic capital, home to the IOC). Created by the French clubs, the Trophy encourages young skaters to participate in the type of competition specific to the world of Short Track speed racing.

Their last event was held in Albertville and initiated the public as well as the athletes eligible for the YOG in Lausanne 2020 to this type of competition. It also allowed the club to determine the recruited athletes’ potential. As a result, the club’s training program will evolve over the next months to include a higher density of training hours (on and off the ice). The club’s coach is confident that these competitors will rapidly become part of the discipline’s international athletes.

The club is at the heart of this discipline’s development in Switzerland. It is therefore safe to say that new events will be organized at one of the ice rinks in Lausanne or Leysin, to reinforce the capacity of organizing this type of event and developing a maximum of technical skills before organizing the YOG 2020 in Lausanne.

Short Track development in Lausanne and its legacy

Today, even though Lausanne’s Short Track club started from zero, it currently counts 12 active skaters who constitute an interesting core for the growing structure. The club’s strength is its capacity to welcome publics with different expectations. Not only the club receives skaters with a desire to improve performance, but it also welcomes a general public whose needs are more directed towards learning gliding and skating.

Lausanne Short Track works closely with the federation (Swiss Skating Union), the different athletic organizations (Swiss Olympic and Y+S) as well as groups directly concerned by its development (Lausanne 2020, the city of Lausanne and the canton of Vaud). Its goals are to optimize the use of resources (human and financial infrastructures) and durably anchor the discipline as part of the sports scene in Lausanne and, on a bigger scale, in Switzerland. The Youth Olympic Games are an opportunity to initiate a wider sporting effort that will give birth, we hope, to a strong national team that will represent Switzerland in the 2026 Olympic Games, which might be held in Switzerland.

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