Toyota, ECA and Swiss Olympic support the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour

As the Organising Committee of Lausanne 2020 prepares for the launch of its Torch Tour on September 17th, it is happy to announce that this grand tour around Switzerland was made possible thanks to the unfailing support of Toyota (Switzerland), Cantonal Insurance Service (ECA) and Swiss Olympic, the Swiss National Olympic Committee.

The three partners announced today share Lausanne 2020’s commitments to sustainability and the promotion of the positive values of sport and Olympism.

Toyota (Switzerland): Olympic Partner and Presenting Partner of the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour
As member of The Olympic Partner Programme (TOP) since 2015 and as Presenting partner of the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour, Toyota will support the Torch Tour by providing branded vehicles to the Organising Committee. Toyota’s vision to lead the future of mobility towards more sustainable solutions through innovation is directly in line with Lausanne 2020’s commitments to decrease the environmental impact of its Games to a minimum. Through its commitment to quality and ceaseless innovation, Toyota is revolutionizing mobility by releasing next generation products such as the Toyota Mirai, its first hydrogen vehicle.

Cantonal Insurance Service (ECA): Official Partner of Lausanne 2020
As Official partner of Lausanne 2020, ECA, in collaboration with the Organising Committee, has also demonstrated its support for the Torch Tour by organising a prevention workshops which will take place at various stops along the tour within the Canton of Vaud. ECA’s mission to promote volunteer engagement in the fire brigade service, especially among the youth, mirrors Lausanne 2020’s commitment to the values of respect, friendship and volunteer engagement.

Swiss Olympic: Institutional Support of the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour
Lausanne 2020 and the Swiss National Olympic Committee have worked closely together throughout the entire organisation of this Swiss edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games. Swiss Olympic has once again demonstrated its strong support to the Organising Committee by contributing its resources and contacts to the organisation of the Torch Tour. 

Ian Logan, CEO of Lausanne 2020: “With the astounding support from our partners, the Organising Committee of Lausanne 2020 is to proud to be taking the torch to all 26 cantons within Switzerland and to neighboring France. Together with our friends from Toyota, ECA and Swiss Olympic, the Olympic flame will be safely escorted, and the spirit of Olympism will be shared throughout Switzerland.”

Christian Künstler, General Manager at Toyota (Switzerland): “We are very proud to be the official partner for the transportation of the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour. Toyota’s mission to provide the world with sustainable mobility solutions is perfectly in line with Lausanne 2020’s vision for smart Games. This is a natural partnership goes hand in hand with our long-term commitment with the Olympic movement.”

Serge Depallens, Head of ECA: “One of the missions of the ECA is to promote the values of voluntary engagement among young people in the region. Participating in this Torch Tour as a partner of Lausanne 2020 offers us a unique opportunity to get our message across the youth of Vaud. We are proud to be supporting such a historic event for our canton.”

Jürg Stahl, President of Swiss Olympic: “It goes without saying that, as the National Olympic Committee, we support the organisers of Lausanne 2020 in bringing the Olympic spirit to all 26 cantons of our country. The events surrounding the Torch Tour offer Swiss Olympic and the organisers of the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games the opportunity to work even closer together and spread the Olympic values. We want to seize this opportunity.”

About the Lausanne 2020 Torch Tour
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