"The YOG brings together Lausanne's themes in a single project"

How do you integrate the YOG into the promotion of the City of Lausanne at the international level?

Steeve Pasche (SP), Director of Lausanne Tourism : We liked the concept of the YOG since the beginning. With its three axes of education, sport, and culture, this project is perfectly aligned with the image we want to project as a tourist destination: education with our centres of excellence, sport with the many International Federations based in Lausanne, and culture with a great number of museums and an internationally-renowned art scene. Thanks to these similarities, it was relatively easy to integrate the YOG into our strategy and bring these themes together around a single project.

Will the event allow you to say and show new things about the city?

SP : I think that this event will allow us to show all the dynamism of our city. Many things are being developed here and the YOG will give these new initiatives great visibility. The event should also act as an accelerator for the city with the construction of new infrastructures; infrastructures that will in turn strengthen our tourism offer (sports infrastructures, campus).

You also work hard to attract German-speaking Swiss customers to Lausanne. What impact do you think the YOG will have on the German-speaking region of Switzerland?

SP : Yes, indeed, this is our first market. It is quite difficult for us to estimate the impact, but I think that given the proximity of this market, we will welcome a large number of fans that support Swiss athletes. It is up to us to capitalise on this fantastic opportunity and showcase the richness of our region including the gastronomy, culture and beautiful landscapes. We have to do everything possible to make them come back a second and even a third time to discover what our region has to offer.

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