Talents practicing in Tenero

A Lausanne 2020 delegation traveled to Ticino to participate in this year’s second camp "All talents in Tenero" (3T) and to discover the diversity of activities and the « behind the scenes » of this camp dedicated to the Swiss youth. The visit began with the official opening ceremony on Sunday evening, which brought together the athletes, their coaches and the Swiss Olympic staff. On Monday, employees of the Organizing Committee were able to attend various training sessions, workshops and theoretical programs. In addition, a meeting with Swiss Olympic managers of various areas was held to plan and coordinate activities for the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games.

This major event is beeing organized by Swiss Olympic and its partners since 2001. More than 500 of the best Swiss athletes aged between 11 and 19 as well as 70 coaches from various sports federations meet twice a year to benefit from specific trainings in the best conditions. In addition to that, 3T participants also take part in various workshops and trainings on topics such as career planning, nutrition or antidoping. Talents also learn about the Olympic values (excellence, respect and friendship) and how to put them into practice on a daily basis.

The 3T camp offers a unique opportunity for many Swiss athletes to exchange with athletes from other disciplines, to enjoy the best possible training conditions and to live unforgettable moments. Moreover, every year, the young talents are accompanied by Swiss elite athletes. During this edition, Lucas Tramèr (Rio 2016 Olympic champion in rowing and member of the Lausanne 2020 Athletes' Council), Sina Candrian (snowboard), Max Heinzer (fencing), Seraina Boner (cross-country skiing) and Benjamin Weger (biathlon) are present alongside the young athletes.