Take part in the #Lausanne2020Plogging on the 20th of every month!

Are you sensitive to the litter issue? Take part on the 20th of every month in the Lausanne 2020 Plogging!

Plogging is a Swedish concept that combines jogging and garbage collection. Developed in Scandinavia, it quickly spread out to major international cities, thus forming today an important awareness network that tackles the issue of urban waste.

Next date: Saturday July 20, 2019

Time: 10h30-11h30

Plogging start: Medals Plaza in Lausanne (Flon Esplanade), in front of the Lausanne 2020 countdown, for the distribution of gloves and bags.

Arrival from the plogging: Lausanne 2020 Organizing Committee offices (Port-Franc 22 street) with weighing and sorting of waste, as well as awarding of prizes.

The route is open and not timed!

Before the race, there will be a warm-up, and in each edition, a surprise guest will be present.

Open participation and no age restriction.