Students work on the name of the Lausanne 2020 mascot

The Lausanne 2020 mascot, created by 140 ERACOM (école romande d’arts et communication) students, will be launched soon!

Before this happens, we need to find it a name. For Singapore 2010, it was  Lyo and Merly,  Innsbruck 2012 Yoggl, Nanjing 2014 NanjingLELE, Lillehammer 2016 Sjogg and, finally, for Buenos Aires 2018 #Pandi. What about Lausanne 2020?

This is the question that 25 students from the University Lausanne have attempted to answer, as part of their sports marketing course taught Prof. Aubel. In addition, three young students from the region came up with more names during a day of work experience at Lausanne 2020.

We can’t wait to share the results!