Students meeting Sergei Aschwanden

Student delegates from the 5th to the 11th grades had the privilege and the joy of meeting Mr. Sergei Aschwanden (with his triple role: Lausanne 2020 manager for Villars, Director of the Villars resort and athletic center, and Olympic Judo medalist in Beijing) in Villars. The main theme of the morning was commitment. He briefly presented his athletic trajectory, while concentrating on commitment and the fact that we can encounter obstacles that help us evolve. He then presented the YOG 2020 and exchanged with students about the disciplines that will take place in Villars as well as the connection that can be created between the athletes and the region’s youth.

Thank you, Sergei, for taking the time to meet and engage with the students, who were enchanted and thrilled with this memorable moment of sharing.

Photo: KEYSTONE © Jean-Christophe Bott