"School on the move" encourages physical activity at school

Swiss Olympic’s “school on the move” programme offers practical support to teachers in order to promote interactive and attractive courses. What is the objective? That a large number of children continue to move around on a regular basis in class, improve their wellbeing and stimulate their ability to concentrate and perform.

“School on the move” is now available through an online platform with all sorts of movement exercises for teachers to choose from according on their students’ needs and mood. Some exercises stimulate, others relax or allow the students to learn while moving, that way they can have a targeted impact on the activity and the concentration of the students as well as on the atmosphere of the class. The different movement exercises - including explanatory videos and practical search, filter and favorites functions - are available online.

This great programme promotes youth sports activity, just like Lausanne 2020 does.

For more information : schoolonthemove.ch