School children from Vaud make the most of the Games!

One month before the opening of the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020, the Department of Education, Youth and Culture (DFJC) has emphasised the success of the activities on offer to school children, which include school trips, competitions, cultural activites and educational projects. In addition to the many initiatives from individual teachers and schools in Vaud, specific teaching material has been developed by the DFJC and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). As far as Canton Vaud school outings are concerned, more than 70,000 pupils, and over 3,000 classes, are planning to watch the games at the host sites. These young people will have an enriching experience on three different levels: the excitement of watching sports will be combined with an opportunity to find out about other cultures and broaden their knowledge.

Starting from two objects which symbolise winter sports, skis and a helmet, EPFL and the DFJC have developed an educational brochure (as well as two films and two posters) to enable teachers to find out about the Winter Youth Olympic Games and plan lessons in subjects as diverse as visual art, physics, mathematics or economics. How do skis slide? Who makes them? How are they sold and where do the component parts come from? Starting from such questions, and on the basis of other very creative initiatives stemming from teachers and schools, classes in Vaud have built interesting educational projects around winter sports before going to watch the comptitions of Lausanne 2020 in one month's time.

Sporting and cultural outings on offer to schools a huge success

A month to the day before the beginning of the Games, more than 70,000 Vaud school pupils from over 3,000 classes have registered to watch competitions, participate in cultural workshops or try out different sports at the various venues of Lausanne 2020. In addition to the many competitions, there will be cultural activities, all of them supported by the Canton. Grants of Frs. 20,000 have been allocated to the four host sites, Ollon-Villars, Les Diablerets, Leysin and the Vallée de Joux, to support the cultural and artistic events they are planning. This money is intended primarily to ensure proper paymnet for the professional artists engaged. A subsidy of Frs. 100,000 has also been set aside for the association Lausanne en Jeux ! in order to finance the cultural project “eSpace Arlaud”, which will combine video games and sports in events at the very heart of the Olympic capital. Cantonal museums, and other cultural institions which benefit from Cantonal subsidies, will also be taking part in Lausanne 2020, offering various activities.

Education, sport and culture in the DNA of the Youth Olympic Games

Education and culture are central to the aims of the Youth Olympic Games. In 2015, Lausanne's bid for the 2020 Games relied heavily on its strengths in these domains. The State Councillor Cesla Amarelle is sure that young people from Vaud will be able to fully enjoy the sporting thrills and the widened horizons the Games are bound to bring.