Over 90 students at eracom working hard to develop the mascot

Ever since the Winter Games in 1968, a mascot is one of the central elements of the Olympic Games. A reflection of a region’s culture and history, it symbolizes the spirit of modern Olympic Games.

In May 2017, 97 students coming from several disciplines (graphic design, interactive media design and clothing design) at eracom (Romandie school of arts and communications) started working on the creation of Lausanne 2020’s mascot. If close to 20 projects have been developed since the start of this collaboration, they are currently down to a number that you can count on one hand.

Some of the mascots proposed by the students are on display at the Olympic Museum, in the exposition “Olympic Language: Exploring the Look of the Games”.

Lausanne 2020 is very proud of this association with eracom, which combines not only the creation of a mascot, but also the pictograms central to the Games’ visual identity.