"Merging sport and culture for the long term!"

Lausanne, Olympic Capital, is preparing to host an Olympic event for the first time in its history. 200 days before the opening ceremony, the IOC inaugurates its new headquarters in Vidy. Are the links between the city of Lausanne and the IOC stronger than ever?

Grégoire Junod (GJ), Mayor of Lausanne : We are very pleased with the installation of the IOC's new headquarters in Vidy, demonstrating the International Olympic Committee's commitment to Lausanne. More than a hundred years have passed since the two entities joined forces and the organisation of the Lausanne 2020 YOG represents an important milestone for this solid and lasting friendship. I would like to thank the IOC President, Thomas Bach, for his great availability and presence at many events organised in Lausanne.

Lausanne en Jeux ! will be 14 days of concerts, shows, educational activities and other activities around the theme of sport and Olympism designed specially for and by the youth of the region. How important is it for the city of Lausanne to get involved with young people through Lausanne 2020?

GJ : The organisation of the Lausanne 2020 YOG and the Lausanne en Jeux ! event is already a success due to the energy it has generated in schools and training venues. Many educational projects have been launched, including the preparation and broadcasting of radio programmes as well as the participation of students to language exchange programs. The mascot of the event is also the result of collaboration between post-compulsory schools.

Here in Lausanne, the Youth Olympic Games are part of a global policy pursued by the Municipality in favour of children and youth, whether in support of training sports clubs or broad access to culture in all its forms.

During the Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne en Jeux !, in the city centre, will offer the entire population a major intergenerational celebration combining sport, culture and educational programmes.

Would you like this rapprochement between culture and sport in the heart of Lausanne to continue beyond the Lausanne 2020 event?

GJ : Sport and culture are two pillars of the city of Lausanne, essential identity factors for the city's development and its influence beyond our borders. As Olympic capital for 25 years, administrative capital of world sports and city of culture with internationally recognised institutions, the city of Lausanne wishes to strengthen collaborations between these two worlds. The many partnerships between local sports and cultural organisations have generated innovative ideas and we aim to go even further.

Lausanne en Jeux ! will be a wonderful laboratory to experiment this merging of sport and culture, and to cultivate in the long term what it will have sown.

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Photo: ©IOC