Meeting with venues

On August 23rd in Villars, in the Vaud Alps, more than 30 representatives of the Lausanne 2020 competition sites met to jointly report on progress made on local initiatives to be organised before and during the Games.

Following the recent decision by the IOC Executive Board to include historical innovations both in term of content and format for the 2020 edition of the Games, Lausanne 2020 Sports Coordinator Simone Righenzi, provided some information about how these will be introduced. These are all good news for local organisers as they all aim at providing higher level of competition standards for all disciplines.

Besides this important sharing of information the other main objective of the meeting was to optimize the collaboration and communication between the different venues.

Lausanne 2020 wants to once again thank the participants for this rich exchange and is looking forward to the continuation of this exciting collaboration.

Photo: representatives of the competition sites during their meeting on August 23 2017