Lausanne Hotel School imagines life in the Youth Olympic Village

As part of their final year’s “Student Business Project”, six Bachelor students from the École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) worked for 9 weeks on a concept to enhance the experience of the Athletes in the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Village (YOV). Their mission was to propose a detailed list of services and activities that will be available to YOV residents, namely athletes and their teams. On June 14, the students presented the results of their research during a final presentation at EHL.

This “Student Business Project” is the second carried out by EHL for Lausanne 2020 as part of the institutional partnership between the two entities. Lausanne 2020 is very proud of this collaboration which fits in perfectly with the vision of the Youth Olympic Games: Games for young people, by young people and with young people.

A great example of youth engagement! And a big thank you to the students; Camille Morival, Gabriela Birrer, Jana Schneuwly, Jonas Wilhelm Koch, Marina Campbell, Sebastian Zimmermann. As well as their coaches: Christine Demen-Meier and Alain Najar.