Lausanne 2020’s innovations in a nutshell

Athletes travel in public transport

For the first time, athletes will use public transport to get to the sports competitions: the subway to move around Lausanne and bus and trains to go from one venue to the other. The Swiss Train Company (CFF) and the Transports of Lausanne (TL), official suppliers, offer a comfortable and reliable experience. To encourage fans and spectators to access sports competitions and activities in public transport, special offers are proposed.

A new format “in two waves”

Lausanne 2020 introduces a new format called the “two waves” system, which allows athletes to come and go in two groups, one after the other. This will increase the number of athletes but by reducing at the same time the length of their stay. It will almost double the number of participants compared to what was originally planned. The result: more quality, more diversity but at the same cost. Furthermore, the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games are the first Olympic Games to welcome as many women athletes as men athletes.

Binational Olympic Games

Lausanne 2020 took another initiative that marks the Olympic Games history. It is the collaboration with neighboring France. To avoid building unnecessary temporary infrastructure, some competitions will take place in Les Rousses, situated in the French Jura, at the Tuffes stadium. For the first time, Olympic Games are organized in two different countries.

Games for young people, by them and with them

The Youth Olympic Games represent a splendid opportunity to reach and inspire a new generation. The Organizing Committee wishes to offer young local players the opportunity to take an active role before and after the Games. That’s why Lausanne 2020 encourages young people to get involved in the Games, there are already over 130’000 students who actively participate in the preparation of the Games.
For example, the Olympic cauldron, the medal trays as well as the podiums have all been designed by students from the Art School of Lausanne (ECAL) and then have been created by apprentices of the EDC Construction School and of C-FOR (Lausanne Utilities Training Centre), three institutional partners of Lausanne 2020. The mascot, pictograms and the visual identity of Lausanne 2020 have been entrusted to students from eracom (Ecole romande d’arts et communication).

A big project has been rolled out in close collaboration with the Lausanne University Hospital CHUV (Centre hospitalier universitaire du canton de Vaud), the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Lausanne Federal Polytechnique School (EPFL) in order to prepare an educational program for the athletes. This program will allow them to learn more about health-related topics: concussions in sports, nutrition or stress management for example.

Youth engagement is strongly anchored in Lausanne 2020 values and this enthusiasm will only make the Games more moving and magical.

Several new disciplines and sport events

Ski-mountaineering will make its debut during the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games. This new sport requires competitors to ski uphill and downhill, some sections of the race also requires traveling on foot. Three events are proposed: women’s and men’s Sprint, women’s and men’s Individual and Mixed NOC Relay.

You will attend for the first time in the Olympic Games the women’s Nordic Combined competitions!

A new Ice Hockey competition format will also be introduced during the Games. It is a tournament of eight mixed NOC (National Olympic Committee) teams 3 on 3. The games are played on a skating rink width, allowing spectators to watch two games at the same time. The show is insured!