Lausanne 2020, never without its volunteers!

Lausanne 2020 wouldn’t be possible without its volunteers. Lots of them are joining in to ensure the success of this project, since months even years.

The Organising Committee (YOGOC), under the aegis of Cédric Destraz, responsible for the Lausanne 2020 volunteers, is surrounded since last May by “leaders volunteers”. They are a few, between 20 and 25 year’s old, passionate of sport and deeply involved, body and soul, within the YOGOC. All of them manage from A to Z the presence of Lausanne 2020 stands at sports events, including a team of volunteers.

“Lausanne 2020, is the occasion to get involved in the promotion of the sport, especially towards youth. It is also an excellent opportunity to discover the wings of the world of sport. To see its own city welcoming an Olympic event and as such be in the heart of the international scene, is a great chance. I had to contribute to it.” Explained Elise Marclay, one of the “leader volunteer” of Lausanne 2020 and student in sport management at the University of Lausanne. “We are very lucky to be able to count on young enthusiastic, independent, responsible and competent people. It is a great force for our project” concluded Cédric Destraz.