Lausanne 2020 meets for final IOC Coordination Commission

Two days’ worth of meetings were held on September 26thand 27th, meetings between the IOC Coordination Commission for Lausanne 2020 and the Organising Committee to discuss and provide final updates on preparations for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games.

For its final session with the IOC Coordination Commission, the Lausanne 2020 Organising Committee was proud to provide the members of the commission with a comprehensive overview on the progress of all preparations; highlighting that preparations are on track and progressing according to plan. Lausanne 2020 shared its latest updates regarding sport venues, transportation, youth engagement and educational programs, all of which contribute to making Lausanne 2020 an incubator of new ideas for the future of Olympic Games. Indeed, Lausanne 2020 has focused on creating a new generation of Games which adapt to host regions and their existing assets and expertise. Lausanne 2020 also highlighted the central role of the youth in the organisation of these Games, a collaboration which aims to create new ambassadors of the values of sport in Switzerland and around the world.

The first day of meetings took place in Champéry, giving the opportunity for the commission members to visit Lausanne 2020’s curling site. On Friday, Lausanne 2020’s leadership and members of the commission were gathered at the freshly inaugurated Vaudoise Arena in Prilly, future venue for the opening ceremony and the ice hockey competitions during the Games. Lausanne 2020 also took this opportunity to announce several new partners, which includes SIL (electricity services), the BCV (bank), Gruyère (Cheese), Van Wagner (Sports Presentation),Prinoth (Snowmobile and snow groomers), Gotham (Co-working Space Management), and AISTS (Educational Institute).

Virginie Faivre, President of Lausanne 2020: “We are so pleased to present the final phase of our preparation to the members of the IOC Coordination Commission. These last few days the commission members not only had the opportunity to hear details about the athlete’s games time experience, but they also had the chance to see it live for themselves. Our time spent up in Champéry provided insights into the unique games that we are creating. We look forward to having the world’s athletes enjoy the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games in January.”

IOC Coordination Commission Chair Danka Bartekova said: "From the very beginning Lausanne 2020 set out to present the most innovative and sustainable approach to the Youth Olympic Games. From use of existing venues and systems to the engagement of young people and their fresh ideas throughout the project. It will truly be a celebration of youth and sport across the nation and across borders.”

Ian Logan, CEO of Lausanne 2020: “We are so pleased with the positive feedback we have received these last two days from the IOC Coordination commission. The collaboration with the IOC throughout this entire journey has been wonderful, combined with the hard work of the Lausanne 2020 team we can see the games truly coming to life. We look forward to hosting the youth of the world in Lausanne in 2020.”

Oscar Tosato, Municipal Councillor, City of Lausanne, said: “The city of Lausanne is pleased to have hosted the IOC Coordination Commission for its second day of meetings. Our city is gearing up for the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, by creating the ‘Lausanne en Jeux!’ entertainment programme, which will combine sport, culture and education. This will be a unique opportunity for the population to gather and experience the Games in a festive atmosphere in the heart of the city. We look forward to welcoming the members of the Commission as well as the entire Olympic family back to Lausanne in 2020 for the Games.”