Lausanne 2020 Live Trivia: Test your Olympic knowledge to win a trip to Tokyo 2020!

Olympic fans around the world are being given the chance to win a trip to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 by testing their knowledge on the Lausanne 2020 Live Trivia quiz.

The Lausanne 2020 Live Trivia game, which is being launched to celebrate the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG), will feature a live quiz every two days from 6 to 24 January and will be available through the Lausanne 2020 app and website.

Each quiz will be held ‘live’, meaning it will start at the same time for everyone, with all players required to log in and enter the game’s ‘Live Lounge’ 10 minutes before the quiz is due to start. They will then need to answer 10 multiple-choice questions related to the Olympic Games, Olympic athletes, the YOG, Lausanne 2020 and the IOC.

Players will have 12 seconds to select their answer from four options, and will then be told if their response was correct or not, as well as the percentage of users who selected each answer. At the end of the quiz, they will be able to see where they ranked among all the other players and will also have the option of sharing their results on social media and inviting their friends to take part in the next quiz.

The winner of each bi-daily quiz will receive a Lausanne 2020 waterproof bag, while the grand prize for the overall best player during the duration of the game will win a trip for two people to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.