Lausanne 2020 introduces its five commitments at the IOC Session

Lausanne 2020 reported on the progress of its work to the Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today in Buenos Aires. Since last Saturday, the Argentine capital is the host of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games. This report was an opportunity for the Organising Committee to present, among other things, its five "commitments" for the long-term impacts of Lausanne 2020.

For the presentation to IOC members, Lausanne 2020 chose to focus on key areas of the organisation such as its sports concept and how it fits into the host venues, the building of the “Vortex”, its Youth Olympic Village (and its future use as a student accommodation), the integration of Swiss youth in the organisation through academic institutions, and the development of the Games’ educational programme for athletes developed in collaboration with local universities.

These points were presented through short films shot at most of the sites concerned, both in Switzerland and in neighbouring France. The films gave a voice to various project stakeholders at their own venues, an innovative way to present the work of those who are themselves completing much of the work.

This was also an opportunity to present Lausanne 2020’s five "commitments". These are five overriding principles motivating every action of the Organising Committee since its creation two and a half years ago.

The five commitments are:

1. Value youth and developing talent

Lausanne 2020 plans to empower young people by actively involving them in the preparation and delivery of the event, in order to enhance their capacities and develop the talents of tomorrow. 

2. Contribute to the smart development of infrastructure

Lausanne 2020 aspires to contribute to the intelligent development of infrastructure, particularly sports infrastructure, by making choices that are part of a long-term vision.

3. Create new long-term synergies

Lausanne 2020 wants to contribute to the creation of new synergies between entities which are not used to work together, generating synergies that can continue long after the event.

4. Develop new ideas for a sustainable world

Lausanne 2020 wants to become an example of innovation an sustainability, helping the development of a more respectful world.

5. Contribute to the promotion of the Olympism of tomorrow

Lausanne 2020 aims to be a unique soundboard, in the heart of the Olympic Capital, of the timeless and universal values of Olympism and of a fundamentally new approach to the relationship between the Olympic Games and their host cities.

The Organising Committee was represented by its President and member of the IOC Patrick Baumann, its Director General Ian Logan, and members of staff. Also present was Lausanne City Councilor Oscar Tosato, and the President of the Swiss Olympic Committee Jürg Stahl.

At the end of the presentation, Patrick Baumann said: "It is of course a pleasure to report on the progress of work when it is proceeding perfectly according to schedule. I would like to thank all those who work tirelessly every day to develop the Lausanne 2020 project: the public authorities, of course, but also all those on sports sites, in schools, university faculties or universities. We have launched a complex, ambitious and unifying project, and through our strong commitments announced today, it is taking the form we had imagined. It is a great satisfaction for all of us. The Youth Olympic Games, in this format by the youth for the youth, is a great opportunity for our region and for Switzerland.”

The Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games will take place from 9 to 22 January 2020.