Lausanne 2020 at the Smart Cities and Sport Summit

The 4th edition of the Smart Cities and Sport Summit took place on October 2nd-4th, 2017 in Montreal, Canada. Lausanne 2020 CEO, Ian Logan, was invited to participate in a panel discussion on innovative communication: how to promote events to a national and international audience?

The presentation of the Games CEO focused on the challenge of positioning Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, as now an Olympic City.

The common thread is there: promote the city of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud as a platform for sport and youth and change the habits of its inhabitants through the organization of the Games. Ian Logan adds: "Our primary goal is to organize competitions on the venues and promote this event in our region and our country. But we want to go much further: the Youth Olympic Games are a real catalyst for creating a strong link between the host region and the youth, encouraging sporting activities for the youth and becoming an Olympic City by hosting the best sporting event in the world for young people. "

By becoming Olympic City, Lausanne is positioning itself as a sustainable city that promotes sport for the well-being of all: more respect, friendship and excellence. All this gives the opportunity to place the city as one of the best centers of sport in the world: not only for practice or administration but also in terms of education, research and work, and above all quality of life.

About the Smart Cities and Sport Summit

The initiative was put in place by the World Union of Olympic Cities, an association of former and future Olympic cities, supported by the IOC. This unique and prestigious conference focuses on smart strategies that combine sport with cities. Participants, mainly representatives from countries, cities and regions around the world, have the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices and learn from experts in the field.

Photo: Ian Logan, Lausanne 2020 CEO presents at the Smart Cities and Sport Summit