Lausanne 2020 at the 49th Swiss School Sports Day in Lausanne

On May 30th, more than 2,500 Swiss students and attendants from all parts of the country lit up the Olympic capital by their presence! 12 different athletic disciplines, 14 competition venues, 350 volunteers and more than 30 gyms were necessary for the realization of these national games. Organized by the Department of physical education and sports in the canton of Vaud, this particular day also benefited from the support of elite athletes, as well as the representatives of several national and international federations, who helped the young athletes reach for the stars.

Amongst them were the star sprinter Sarah Atcho, Ian Logan (CEO of Lausanne 2020), Philippe Leuba (State Councillor), Matthias Remund (Director of the Federal Sports Office) and Thomas Bach (President of the International Olympic Committee), who stated “I always enjoy participating in public athletic events in Lausanne. It is wonderful to see so many youths enthusiastic about participating in such a day and sharing their passion of sports.”

It was also an opportunity for Lausanne 2020 to convey its values – those of the Olympic movement – and mobilize the interest of Swiss schools for this coming event.

Picture: IOC © Greg Martin