Fun for all at the Lausanne 20km race!

The Lausanne 20 km race is one of the biggest Swiss Classics, and its 37th edition was crowned with more than 27,000 participants. This year saw an equal number of men and women and an impressive participation of those under 16. The race went from lakeshore to the old town and covered many places linked to the Olympic movement. A fun zone amongst greenery had live coverage of the race on widescreens, as well as bands and activities for children. 

On Saturday, youth from the BCV Junior races, 7 to 14 years old, were able to test their limits on the 2 and 4 km distances. Non-professionals as well as their families were able to run at their own pace during the afternoon on these same distances, open to all those 5 years and older. Adults and professional runners hit the starting blocks on Sunday as they sweat over the 10 and 20 km tracks. And finally, hikers and walkers took on the 10 km path.

Lausanne 2020 was present during the race with booths offering games, a chance to win gifts and staff answering your questions. This was an immense success as well thanks to the interest generated by the Youth Olympic Games. All the ingredients were present for a festive celebration of the return of Spring and its nice weather!

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was present for the 2 km race and commented in an interview “The athletic quality of Lausanne’s population always impresses me. Today the Olympic future is running with us. The IOC takes care not only of the athletic elite, but also youth and popular sports. This is also true for Lausanne, as we approach the major celebration of the YOG 2020.”