Free access to all the competitions

Lausanne 2020 has a very simple principle: The Youth Olympic Games are for everyone. All the competitions, sports initiations and other educational activities will therefore be free.

For outdoor sports, access will be unrestricted.  For indoor competitions (for example at the Vaudoise Aréna), you will need to register via the Lausanne 2020 website, on a special registration platform. 

The medal ceremonies (every evening in the Flon area of Lausanne and in St. Moritz) and the Closing Ceremony (22 January in the Flon area of Lausanne) will also be free and open to everyone.  

The Opening Ceremony is the only event for which tickets need to be purchased. Places are limited. More detailed information on that subject will be provided on our website in due course.

We are really looking forward to seeing so many of you in January 2020!

>> More information on our Ticketing website page <<