Education – Cultural and athletic exchange in Norway

Students from the Collège des Rousses aged 14 and 15 of the 3rd year of alpine and Nordic skiing, flew to Norway last Friday to meet their exchange students from the NTG U Baerum school near Oslo. 

In 2020, the Youth Olympic games of Lausanne will welcome a section of the Nordic events (Ski jumping, Biathlon, Nordic combined) in the Tuffs venue in the French ski resort of Les Rousses: at this moment, these students get the opportunity to be athletes, judges, volunteers or spectators. Everyone will experience the Olympics and the values that are associated with it. Visiting Norway, host of the OG in 1994, the YOG in 2016 and the “showcase” country for winter sports, prepares this moment and spreads the Olympic spirit. Finally, this is a good way of closing 4 years of school for these students who made the decision to turn skiing and sports in general into a way of education. 

On the programme, cultural visits are prepared in the frame of English lessons as well as sporting excursions (Running, trekking, biking and kayak) and the discovery of the mythical sites of Lillehammer and Holmenkollen. The students will be able to walk in the footsteps of champions who’s exploits they have been following every winter in the world championships, whether they are founders, biathletes, ski jumpers or Nordic skiers. Some years before these students, certain high-level athletes frequented the same classrooms. 

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