"Champéry will be the first olympic venue in Valais!"

Champéry will host the curling competitions at the Palladium of Champéry (sports and cultural centre), at the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games. What are the objectives that the municipality hopes to achieve by hosting the YOG?

Luc Fellay (LF) : First of all, being chosen as the host site for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games is a great honour but also a magnificent challenge. While we have successfully hosted many international curling championships since 2005, this upcoming event is an opportunity to make progress and to make ourselves even better known in the world of this evolving sport. It is a fantastic opportunity that we must take full advantage of for the development of our sports offers and for the positioning of our municipality.

You already have recognized expertise in organizing international events (European Championships and Curling World Cup). Will the arrival of the YOG allow you to aim even higher ?

LF : I think we must continue to develop our capacity to host such events, the opportunity to organize other championships and competitions will then arise, keeping in consideration the very competitive context. It is also necessary to highlight the unique assets of our location, a mountain village which offers authenticity and friendliness in a confined space.

How is Champéry preparing to motivate and federate the Chablais population to come and support the athletes? What festivities are planned during the YOG ?

LF : We will start an information campaign with our partners from the Lausanne 2020 Organising Committee and the Dents du Midi Region as soon as the summer holidays are over. It will also start with a strong presence during the National Holiday in Champéry. We are also in contact with the school administration and the cantonal education department to invite classes from here and elsewhere to come to our site. Moreover, the Olympic events remain a curiosity, a special event that will certainly interest both young people and adults. In fact, we will be the first Olympic site in Valais!

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Photo: ©Champéry