Already 26 translators working for Lausanne 2020!

As we said recently, Lausanne 2020 would be nothing without its volunteers, who put all they’ve got into the success of the project. Among them are the Lausanne 2020 translators!

Lausanne 2020 communicates daily in the three Swiss national languages as well as in English and Spanish. “This requires quite a lot of translating, splendidly carried out by close to 30 people who take to heart the success of Lausanne 2020.” according to Lise Cordey, who is in charge of volunteer translating.

Melissa Pisino, who is a French-Italian bilingual and studies translation at the Université de Genève, joined the project almost a year ago: “Lausanne 2020 is the perfect occasion to combine my passion for translating and sports, and to contribute to this extraordinary event that upholds worthy values and that will leave its mark on the lives of a new generation of athletes. It’s a rewarding experience that will be of use to me in the future.”