A volunteer committed on Lausanne 2020 sites

Lausanne 2020 couldn't live without its volunteers. They are many to work towards the success of this project, since months even years.

Fabrice Perret is one of them. Professional as paramedic working at the Emergency & Help Centre of Nord Vaudois and la Broye, he is also referent "Safety" at Tuffes (FRA), hosting site of Lausanne 2020, on the side-lines of the Games. "I live in this region, I like the sport, especially snow sports. My interest to be part of this wonderful event came naturally to me", says Fabrice.

Knowing that he would not have the chance to see the competitions from the other hosting sites in 2020, he took advantage of the pre-YOG competitions being held this winter to participate as volunteer…

  • as gate judge, in the Diablerets for the European Alpine Ladies Cup
  • protocol at arrival, in the Vallée de Joux for the Cross-country ski OPA Games
  • in F&B, in Villars for the World Championship of ski mountaineering

A good occasion to learn and get experience "at the heart of the sport" to fine tune the operations linked to the help assistance in January 2020.

"I was very well welcomed on the different sites, loved the ambiance, the organisation and could get a lot of knowledges for the Games", concluded the guy that participate to the Lausanne 2020 adventure since almost 3 years.