A hearty and warm welcome to Yodli!

Lausanne 2020 revealed its official mascot one year before the opening of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games. It has been designed by 140 students from eracom, the Swiss French School of Arts and Communication. We are excited to bump into…

Hi, Yodli, glad to finally meet you! Tell me, where does your name come from? It reminds me of something…

Hi! My name might sound familiar to some of you… and that’s normal! It was inspired by the yodel, a traditional form of singing from Switzerland and certain areas of France. Those are the two countries where the Games will take place in 2020. Besides, yodeling is often used by shepherds as a means of communicating in the mountains... They call their herds by belting out these tunes!

I’m a little confused… You look a little like a goat, but also a cow… and don’t have a dog’s snout?

Don’t be confused, you’re right on track… I’m a hybrid animal! A cross between a cow, a goat and a Saint Bernard dog. These are three typical animals from where I live in Switzerland… in the mountains! Ah, our magnificent mountains, covered with white gold, as we say over here, and where we can participate in many winter sports… I’m a big fan of snowboarding! I love the feeling of freedom that I get when riding down the slopes, “floating” on powder snow, flying in the air… I’m looking forward to seeing the world’s young athletes in this sport as well as the others in January 2020!

Hey, talking about Lausanne 2020, my multiple origins embody the diversity of the Youth Olympic Games’ participants in 2020… and I’m quite proud of that!

We feel the mountain vibes. Do you?

Indeed! I was born and raised in the Swiss mountains. When I was a kid, I was pretty shy… but also curious! I couldn’t help hiding and watching humans practice winter sports. One day I saw a child fall whilst skiing. Poor tot, he immediately started crying. I jumped out of my hiding spot… I just had to comfort him! After drying his tears, I brought him back to the closest village, where I received a warm welcome. Since then, I don’t hide anymore. I sometimes even pull out my snowboard and ride down the slopes with the other children …

Yodli, it is an honor to have met you! We are all so excited to have you at our side!

My pleasure. Long live the mountains, long live sports, long live youth and long live Lausanne 2020!